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hello all... i'm new here.. yay! and i spose you could say that i'm obsessed with the Peter Pan story. i just finished reading the original Peter Pan book by J.M. Barrie last night and i've seen all the movies (or at least the disney version, the mary martin version and the latest version) and i just thought i would state my observations about the differences and such in all of them compared to the book... except the mary martin version cause i havn't seen it in a few years. just thought ya'll might be interested.. if not, pass this over...

let's start with the characters...
Peter: Peter is generall the same character throughout every version. the only real difference is that in the book, Barrie seems to like to remind the readers about how arrogant and ignorant Peter is. he likes to say how Peter goes through so many adventures every day that he can't remember most of them and how he thinks of himself as the supreme ruler of all.. if ya know what a mean.

Wendy: Wendy is different in every version of the story. in the disney version of Peter Pan, Wendy the classic damsel in distress. she's always getting into trouble and she only cares about girly, motherly things. she seems to completely dependant on Peter. in PJ Hogan's version of the story wendy is an independt young lady. she thinks for herself, she is a bit of a feminist and it seemed like she would do anything not to grow up so she could stay with Peter. in the novel, Wendy is somewhere in between the two radicals stated above. she is a kind, naive motherly figure and yet she doesnt depend on Peter. she seemed to be able to take care of herself if need be. in the novel, she did willingly grow up, and like everyone else she eventually forgot most of her adventures in Neverland and she did so willingly.

John, Michael, and the Lost Boys: these characters seem to be a constant throughout every version. they generally stay the same. in the disney version the lost boys are only minor characters, and in PJ Hogan's version, they are semi-important. in the novel they are pretty descriptive of each one and Tootles and Slightly seem to the be the two boys that are focused on the most. John and Michael it seems, in every version, are just along for the ride.

the Redskins: they are minor characters in every version, but i just thought that i'd note that in the novel, as in the disney version, they seem to be portrayed as inferior humans beings beacuse they are redskins, not white people.

Hook: Hook is, for the most part, exactly the same in the novel as he is in PJ Hogan's Peter Pan. in the disney version, i thought Hook was a bit girlier than in the novel. in the novel he is the most feared of all human beings, save maybe Peter, but in the disney version he seems to just have a temper and run around screaming like a little girl who wants more power. i dunno.. maybe it's just me, but that's what i got out of it.

so there ya have.. my analasys of the characters in the different versions of Peter Pan.. i'll write more about the events and such if ya'll want me to. if not, then i won't. so yeah... i hope someone reads this and gets something out of it....
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