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can we post fanfiction here?

Catagory: Peter Pan Type: Romance/Action/Adventure Title: Untamed Heart Summary: Revised-Why did Peter Pan not follow Wendy? There are secrets one must keep, even if it is at the cost of one’s own heart. But when Hook returns, does the price become too high? Rating; R URL: my friend amy wrote this fic and has a very big fan base in anime but she just fell in love with this movie. the only problem is not many of her fans know or want to know about this fic because all they like is anime. she is a very good writer and she as well as i would appreciate some feed back on this story. she is thinking about deleting it because of a lack of response to it. from what i have read of this fic, it draws u in right away, and u will not be disappointed if you check it out, i promise.
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